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You miss your possessions
but not because you miss them
You miss the moments you shared them
with the love of your life

Levent K 5.10.2008

You're My Star

Of all the stars
Bedecking the night sky
You count only twelve to divine
Is it more reliable than
The extispicy hines?

In the gossamer of space
What is a parsec
You won't feel the distance

Jilt Me Not

Jilt Me Not

Nothing soothes
A jilted woman
Walming with wrath
Until she sends him to death
Singing obscene songs
For his soul's bad breath

Jilted or not

I'm happy to live
In a Garden o

I Missed You Pathetically

I Missed You Pathetically

Let’s not talk about poetry
While we drink coffee
But no smoking either
Please my lackey

Tell me the apoesy of the moment
My arms folded I’ll listen to your parrot-

Tantric Lovers' Day

Tantric Lovers’ Day

Moonlight be your fee
You’re my only ducky

Take all you want of me
All for love-love for all
No sentence is more yuppy

To Love You...

To Love You...

To love you enormously
Is to erase myself blindly

To love you so very lovely
Is to nullify my own personality

To love you so passionately
Is to suffer a histerical body



You in me
Me in you
Hand in hand
In the zoo

Shy and scared
Why are you
Aren’t you a dandy
Drinker of brandy

I’m aloof under my roof
Things with me aren’t smooth

A Strategic Lover

A Strategic Lover

Love-trifles in my ear
I passed a window screen in a dream
There stood two mannequins
And I stood dormant with wonder
Those were me and my lover

Northern Man

Northern Man

Northern man
I heard you the other day
I heard your sexy voice
I heard the romance in your dance
Northern man
In your pony tail I heard the nature

No Loathsomnesse in love

What I fancy, I approve,
No Dislike there is in love:
Be my Mistresse short or tall,
And distorted there-withall:
Be she likewise one of those,
That an Acre hath of Nose:

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