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Something Called 'Jouissance'

Something Called 'Jouissance'

Late morning
A bug slipped into
The petals of a rose
Sucking at her mouth
A prisoner of juice
Full of hunger
For delight
He enjoyed 'jouissance'

Sucking is l

To where there might be a glimpse of happiness...

To where there might be a glimpse of happiness...

Do I Love You?

Do I Love You?

I feel strange, mild pain in my throat
Each time that I take a deep breath
This sign might be a special, polite dot
Taking me to the valley of Mr. Death

Cousin Kate

Cousin Kate - Christina Rossetti

I was a cottage maiden
Hardened by sun and air,
Contented with my cottage mates,
Not mindful I was fair.
Why did a great lord find me out,

A Summer Wish

Live all thy sweet life thro',
Sweet Rose, dew-sprent,
Drop down thine evening dew
To gather it anew
When day is bright:
I fancy thou wast meant
Chiefly to give delight.


A rest remaineth; is then rest so good?
The hope of weariness, a promise sweet
To labouring souls, but wherefore rest in Heaven?

Deeper than any thought of man,
Sweeter than any dream of man,

Two men

So much one thought about the life beyond
He did not drain the waters of his pond;
And when death laid his children ’neath the sod
He called it - ‘the mysterious will of God.’

My Youth

My youth was my old age,
Weary and long;
It had too many cares
To think of song;
My moulting days all came
When I was young.

Now, in life's prime, my soul


As those of old drank mummia
To fire their limbs of lead,
Making dead kings from Africa
Stand pandar to their bed;

Drunk on the dead, and medicined
With spiced imperial dust,

Rules for monarchs

Rules for monarchs

If men are never their thoughts to employ,
Take care to provide them a life full of joy;
But if to some profit and use thou wouldst bend them,

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