49, Ankara
, Wan
Dursun TOMBULDursun...
66, Çanakkal
19, Antalya
İbrahim Değerliİbrah...
52, izmir
Rukiye KaramanRukiye...
32, Afyon
aslihan schneiderasliha...
27, stuttgart

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Photographic Images

Photographic Images

Joy in the cat-green eyes of a super model; joy in the locks of lion hair of a famous actress; joy in the giraffe neck of a universal beauty; joy in the rabbit mouth of a public speaker; joy in the snake figure of a lady ceo

shine over

the hunger in the swollen tummy of an African baby; hunger in the eyes green with envy; hunger in a redundant person’s bones; hunger in the insatiable shopping urge; hunger in hands armed to destroy Candide’s “the best of all possible worlds”; hunger in the dead man’s body lying on the ground while customers enjoy their Mc Donalds in a prize winning photograph...

Ayten Suvak

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