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Enigmatic Astrologue

Enigmatic Astrologue

Sometimes I hate all, but most of all LEO. Oh papa, they're so conceited.
What I hate most is a PISCES crying over the good old days.
That humble, brainy AQUARIUS gets on my nerves. He's apt to be mobbed.
I dislike the sneaky, self-centered SCORPIO, the stubborn ARIES, the all
knowing miser CAPRICORN equally.
I'm always in the mood of committing seven deadly sins even with a homely
hubby born under CANCER.
LIBRA makes me suffer inferiority.
I run away every time a SAGITTARIUS starts his unending philosphical speeches.
TAURUS makes me sick with his nauseating love of beauty.
I can't bear VIRGO's sense of humor as I roar my wrath over that chatterbox of a
GEMINI. I might say I terribly need a doctor, but I just say hate is all I need.

Having written down all these, she fixed eyes as if trying to remember something.
Got it! She had softening of the brain and she was already dead with too much love.

Ayten Suvak

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