56, Ankara
31, ankara Ç
İbrahim Değerliİbrah...
52, izmir
, Kırşehi
Emirhan ErtaşEmirha...
, Izmir
Mustafa GüçlüMustaf...
, İzmir
Seyfi KaracaSeyfi ...
45, Bad walds

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Jan Theuninck

Red River

the train was too late
by foot it was too far
the river too nearby
the hatred too strong
bullets through your head
river of blood
red Danube
dead Budapest

© by Jan Theuninck

Polygon Wood

like a shrine
you lie
in the middle
of the wood
and warn
of those
who preach
and make

© by Jan Theuninck

Beyond the limit

tempting is
the border area
hanging around
in the gray zone
watching the game
of back and forth
seeing how vanity
and power
push them
beyond the limit

© by Jan Theuninck


badly shell shocked
can't find my dugout
damned generals
where's my pillbox
shells rain
craters remain
insanity or death
what's the difference

© by Jan Theuninck

Hill 60

poppies blood
on the green grass
on the hills of mud
away they pass...

© by Jan Theuninck

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Tyne Cot

when you left
for the front
you were
living heroes
and now
you are on top
of the hill
where only

© by Jan Theuninck

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late at night
a mist
fills the valley
without knowing
it suffocates
like a dark power
on the fields
our dead bodies
and under the grass
a brown soil

© by Jan Theuninck

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