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My lights are cut off

Sharing a poem translated by me into English from Turkish dedicated to the last minutes, last wishes, last will, and last words of a miner in the last minutes of his life under the collapsed mine structures. I am not a professional poem translator, sorry if something is wrong. However I did my best. The author of the poem is Turkish poet Mr Sherif Erginbay. The poem became into existence on 20 May 2010. Its Turkish version is also provided below.

Sharing the grief of all victims :(


Ramin Lev

My lights are cut off (or ‘Goodbye’ letter of a miner)

Ohh, my lovely wife, goodbye, lights are going off...
My dead friends around me are buried alive...
Sorry, I shall not bring home bread anymore,
Bread with the smell of coal...
Sorry, against the death I am loosing this war.
So sad... Now dying is my only goal .?.
My children, my mother, my father!
I wish I would have some deaths other...
The collapsed mine on me could be tolerable,
But I can’t bear sorrows in me, it’s unbearable...
Hearing your voices...
Seeing your faces...
One by one...
Can't believe I've in this life everything done...
Please bless me as much as you can.
Now I need blessings as every human.
Ohh, honey, lost the last drop of my light!
No force anymore to survive and to fight!
I missed so much clouds, trees and skies...
Ohh honey, can't already open my eyes!
My lights are cut off!
Better if right now I join my friends,
Better if right now my soul transcends...


Karıcığım hoşçakal, ışığım azalıyor,
Yanımda ölü arkadaşlarım.
Artık kömür kokulu ekmekler getiremeyeceğim sanırım.
Buraya kadarmış çocuklarım, hoşçakalın,
Hakkınızı helal edin; anacığım, babacığım.
Işığım azalıyor, hoşçakalın..
Üstüme değil içime çöken ocağın sessizliğinde
Tek tek seslerinizi duyuyorum, yüzlerinizi görüyorum,
Işığım azalıyor, soluğum azalıyor, biliyorum,
Yavaş yavaş dünyanın kara kalbine gömülüyorum.
Işığım söndü, işte gidiyorum..,
Ah, en çok da şimdi, bir bilseniz
Nasıl da bulutları, ağaçları, gökyüzünü özlüyorum.
Işığım söndü.. hoşçakalın, arkadaşlarım çoktan gitti,
Artık ben de gidiyorum...

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