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Do I Love You?

Do I Love You?

I feel strange, mild pain in my throat
Each time that I take a deep breath
This sign might be a special, polite dot
Taking me to the valley of Mr. Death

For every life that one day starts
This undefeatable Lord one day comes
He is only one who takes back all of us
But never be sure, just try to guess!

Have you ever seen a dying human?
Whose dreams are already far away gone?
And who looks like just the setting Sun
With one terrible and so huge difference…

The Sun will rise the next morning again
When the dead forever loses the game
And this bitter realty brings unbearable pain
That leads our brains into a very big mess

Everybody knows it can make us crazy
However, people try not to be noisy
Because sometimes only silence let things go easy
And only it eases the pain more or less

I see the final Meeting with Him is a fact
Different ways of dying is just a kind of tact
It doesn’t matter whether you stop or act
His Judgment Execution Machine is very express

Try not to kill, but love on any occasion
The love is: the purpose of your creation
Irrespective of the religion, language and nation
Ask: ‘Do I love you'? Answer: 'Yes, and again yes!

Ramin Lev

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