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One Billion Loveprotests

One Billion Loveprotests

Come what may
Whatever you say
This is our day

We must put a stop to it
To those memorable agonies
Damned maladies

Who'll solve the mystery
Throughout the man's history
Our hearts are beating violently

Not because of a melody of blind fury
But directly directly directly
With feelings of femininity

We're raising one billion protest
Against that stupid gender unrest
All the world is agog with it

Rippling like the wavy undulations of hair
Hey men take care
The arch patriarch

Are you afraid of that matriarch
That you vent your spite on woman bitch
That you cut woods to burn the witch

Don't don't don't bark but lark
Let's go to mass-dancing in the park
On the 14th of February

In the forest of pink roses
Love will give us all a spark
With purple eyes and rosy hearts

Laden with love and love's delights...

Ayten Suvak

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