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You in me
Me in you
Hand in hand
In the zoo

Shy and scared
Why are you
Aren’t you a dandy
Drinker of brandy

I’m aloof under my roof
Things with me aren’t smooth
I have only vague expectations
My bearing is the proof

You’re cunningly smart
You’re aiming with a dart
At your double in Cupid’s heart

It’s a she
Looking like a B
Let Bygones Be Bygones
That’s you in me

Me in you
It’s a nu
Number one foe
Better than a friend
In the world of ceo

In the patrician way you go
Let me eat your mango
As erudite as you are
Teach me how to beat a kangaroo

In an ivory tower I grew
Let’s have together the brew
Don’t ask me of things beyond my can
Then you’ll write twice
Taming of the shrewd

You in me is a blue eyed teacher
Me in you can be a dark eyed traitor
How candid you teach me to be
I’ll always be Voltaire’s Candide
In the search of eternal irony

Me in you is a discreet pony
You in me is a wordy hubby
Let’s have an ambiguous hobby
Like exchanging you and me
With money...

Ayten Suvak

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