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Where Does Sanity Lie?

Where Does Sanity Lie?

In the gunpowder of a secret spy
In the flour of a drunk’s pie
Or in the newlyborn’s bla bla cry

Happily sleeping in the crib
While we’re living with glib
Which leads to the zone of security
Is it a land of obscurity

A great enigma
Or is sanity in the colours of naivety
In charisma in terza rima
A three-line stanza
Ending with a-b-a
Or finanza-danza-vitanza
In our endless divina commedia

It’s the spring weather
That makes me such a fool
A fool with a heart and no sense
You can call me to a pool
Where there’s an April fool
Swimming with fish
Isn’t this cool?

Ayten Suvak

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