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Ways Of Consolation

Ways Of Consolation

Listen to the ‘Arabesk’ kind of Turkish music that trembles you to the core of your heart. Cry ‘uleeen!’ or ‘meeen!’ in English.

Watch movies where Kemal Sunal or Turkan Soray or Jerry Lewis are protagonists. Laughter is the safest and the most enjoyable way to sanitation.

Being a hermit is useful for some. Don’t refrain from being one, and don’t care for the ill reputation of an unsocial ‘social animal’.

You can’t escape ‘Frankenfood’, so be a Mary Woolstonecraft Shelly, and invent new tastes in gourmet history.

Don’t oversleep. With swollen eyes you’ll be the Frankenstein. Make it a post-modern type if you can.

If you choose Kamasutra for your religious leader, enjoy bodily and spiritual pleasures together. Don’t be afraid to be an atheist because even theists don’t give a dime to Moses, Christ or Mohammed most of the times. You may go after a contemporary spiritual leader, but accuse only yourself if you end in a foolish suicide.

Enjoy the funny quotes, and gossips that everybody would have made ‘a good Pope’ not just Richard Nixon.

Oh my God, ah la vache!

Ayten Suvak

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