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A Twinge At Heart

A Twinge At Heart

An ancient tumbledown wooden house
It haunts everyone as the sun is setting
On a quiet morose winter evening

A fairylike figure wearing a white blouse
It’s passing through the walls blown
As if it were with someone at daggers drawn

How out of order this soul was
In searching of a clue of the past
It was wandering around fast very fast

It’s so much gained of an enemy
Soon it saw the very object flown with the gust
One could see the fairy grown disturbed contemptuously

The facial expression was worth more than a whole poem
It trembled even to the marrow of its soul
As if excited by the peak of a requiem

She tore the paper of music in pieces
That was too much for her delicately organized natures
There he was sleeping with another woman

Whom the fairy would crown with a dagger in the womb
And the notes of that enigmatic music should be carved on his tomb
‘Never escape a twinge at heart recalling me' my ex-groom...

Ayten Suvak

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