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Is There A Doctor Here?

Is There A Doctor Here?

I suffer from unremidable neglect
I get no letters from Winnipeg
I promise I’ll pay a kopeck
For each word my special one selects

You see honey
I value my devotion with money
For I pay doctors with gunny bunny
To cure me off you
To save my misty black eyes
Be filled with tears velvety

Oh my doc help me
To get rid of that sour-sweet pleasantry
I’m only a hobbledehoy
Like the girls in the stall
A simple character in a love story
I know how to drown sorrows
In multi-vegetable soups spicy
I’ll prepare a new recipe
That alleged love to cool off
Come doc let my heart leap up
As you feel my boiling pulse
I see a new alleged love in your eyes
As a speedy remedy
To my unwholesome desires...

Ayten Suvak

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