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A Recurring Dream

An Ever Recurring Dream

Pandora’s Box Opened Seven Jacks Cranked Up

Dora was in love with Pan but that scurvy donkey man abondoned her when she said she was expecting. He escaped leaving her unprotected. As jilted as she was, Dora was also very wise. To prevent any gossip she changed her name into Pandora and drank a full glass of water saying cheers to the glorious single mother and the sinful Magdalena.

Pandora was pregnant. Her huge belly astonished every one on her way to the natal ward. No delivery room doors were large enough for her to slip through. With one and thousand dreamy difficulties, they put her on the labour chair.

She cried with all her might. Her lungs were puffing baloons. She streched her legs with one last scream, and her first dream came to the world. Having no hubby she named him Pri Pandora. Oh the apple of my eye, she said with a sigh. As soon as she whelped to Pri, Pandora felt herself like a goddess, swollen with Pride.

In fact she had extra water in her cells enough to fill the Red Sea. She sensed Moses’ spirit around her. He was squeezing her hand gentleman godly. With his one command came out Cove, his eyes swollen with awe. He instantly demanded Moses’ stick but her mother pinched him chiding. ‘Tousness, tousness’ Cove, just long for God’s possession. There ended Moses’ obsession.

Then came Lu, oh Lu, how wonderfully cosy I was with you! She fingered Van Gogh, said again oh. He in return whispered Lust For Life into the baby’s ear, while painting a tropical yellow flower on the pier.

Ang came suddenly red with wrath because he was kept in the womb too long. Pandora stuttered oh m m m my angel but uttered Anger instead. Glut was the fifth in coming, he drank all the five portions of milk yumming. Tony could be a more becoming name for a boy with round, pink, angelic cheeks but he was named Glut after his obese cheeky granny, a warm tug from the absent daddy.

Having sextuple completed Pandora gave another sigh of relief. En was on the poisonous ivy already. His now blue eyes later would certainly be emerald green and very soon he’d pull his sibling’s curly hair with envy.

Pandora fainted with the sixth delivery. Slo was left inside searching for an entry into this world full of simps. Gurgling th th th, he was too listless to be born, so he shut the lid of the box and damned the mother earth. That’s why some of us are too lazy even to fall in love, by birth or by Jove. One last examplary wise advice of Pandora the dove:

I wish on a star
Better be sinful in dreams
Never again such pregnancy bizarre

Dear Pandora,

Put the jam of hope in the jarr until someday Pan arrives in a large family car puffing a rich man’s cigar...

Ayten Suvak

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