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A Mild Flame Of Obscenery

A Mild Flame of Obscenery

A sensual Tantra lady
Making love with spiritual ecstacy
Soul on top
Sixty nine times bliss delivery

Love is in the mind
With all its obscenity
Intelligences touching mildly
Beware though
Bodily pleasure is temporary

Caress caress ardently
Red wine in the Holy Grail
Flowing through the cord
To the core of colour harmony

On the throne made of holly wood
Sits Shiva
With recipes of love masturbatory
No God is watching
You are in the kingdom heavenly
You know
All angels are male
You can choose freely

Although love knows no limits
Do not apply the Tantra stark nakedly
Too much heaven
Is the cause of death untimely

Nevertheless if you happen to meet an Archlass
On the downward road to chakra
Do not hesitate to pose him a question on s..

Ask him gently to fill in the blank test
Without haste
Time is frozen in the mutual embrace...

Ayten Suvak

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