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I Missed You Pathetically

I Missed You Pathetically

Let’s not talk about poetry
While we drink coffee
But no smoking either
Please my lackey

Tell me the apoesy of the moment
My arms folded I’ll listen to your parrot-repetition
I know you find romance only in coition
Good luck comes while loving you say
Like lover like love
A whole lot of nothing
‘Stinkin thinkin’
Beware lest the cup should overflow
My lordly Priapus
My bizarre horn-book is on an apathetic nexus
Exquisite sensation by the touch of forged verses

Our naked souls against each other
Take my no-poems jerkily
Open the citadel wherein reposes the pathetic fallacy
My spiritual virginity
Enjoy the sweet effluvia tasting strangely
Press the region of love deliciously
While you scribble a thrilling no-poem on a cup of coffee

If it’s literary gossip we’re at
Let’s move to a lonely corner
While ferreting out our intimate secrets
With a polished air and refined language
I’m ready to write no-poems on purple and orange...

Ayten Suvak

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