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A Halloween Party

A Halloween Party

I was the ghost of opera
He was the dracula
I had my half face covered
He had his teeth doubled
I had in my eye socket a marble
He invited me to his castle
There danced white faced witches
They wore their make-ups awarded
With Grammies
I sang my song with my ghost
Dracula turned us all into ravens
We flew into Edgar Allan Poe’s
Ghost Stories
We too wrote one on dracula’s
Sleeping corpse
I, the ghost of opera composed
A Halloween Song

We drank wine in Cindirella’s glass shoe
Dracula drank my blood in the next zoo
I had his canines on my neck
He had my marble eye in the snake

Luckily he was bitten
I was ridden to another Halloween Party...

Ayten Suvak

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