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The Fairy of the Woods

The Fairy of the Woods

I’m hidden among the trees that surround your homeoffice. I’ve been vigilating you for quite a while. Placed yourself at a large table, you’re sipping your coffee. You’ve a thoughtful air. While surfing on the net, you scratch the back of your head from time to time. You’re cool, though your appearance is a bit neglected.

You’re reading something on the monitor very attentively. You shake your head and then you smile. Now you’re using the keyboard with one hand; the other’s hidden somewhere on your lap working there eagerly. I can see your convulsions from my nest. Your cheeks are pink with violent excitement. You look more relieved, more in high spirits, a bit drowsy perhaps. You get a tissue paper to dry your hands, oh no, to blow your nose. Your eyelids are heavy. Are you unwell? No, just sleepy. You droop your head and dose for a while. I’ll let you rest; I’m comfortable under those laurel trees. I’ll look around while directing furtive glances at you all the while.

I have my long, flowing, rustic dress on. I make friends with your two cute dogs: I call them Cockey and Cunney. Come here sweethearts! They sniff at my picnic basket in which I brought you some dough rolls with spinach in them. I’ll also serve a milky fluid made of yogurt to wash the rolls down. Dogs are keeping me good company but it’s you in my target. I knock on the window to wake you up or rather to surprise you with my unexpected, fairylike presence.

Sure you’re shocked sweetheart, you roll your eyes. It’s I in flesh and blood. You don’t believe your eyes or you can’t see me? Oh, just leave yourself to me, close your eyes and follow me to the woods like a sleepwalker. I’ll take you to a dreamy place where a river flows. Shall we row a boat and sing the song “ row row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream...” We’ll bathe in that river of Lethe. It’ll make you forget all the past experience with me. You’ll see me as innocent as the Victorian Angel of the house. You won’t fool yourself with doubts about me any more. You won’t suspect my sincerity. You’ll understand that I’m just a fairy of love in ecstacy; already cleansed in the purgatory for wanton souls.

Come darling, walk with me in the river. See my dress is already wet on my naked body. Hold me as you hold a baby to christen or crawl with me under the poplar trees if you want that demon of a woman back to go on with her magic charms of seduction...

Ayten Suvak

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