48, yalova
Filiz ÖzmenFiliz ...
, Niğde
56, Ankara
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45, Bad walds
savaş karadumansavaş...
54, samsun
37, Yalova
Elena AdanElena Adan
34, Antalya
49, Ankara

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Better than...

Better than...

His piercing glance on the secrets of my heart
I fixed on him my fascinating eyes
We both blushed as challenging reminds
I said I jilted you too with triumph
You too!
He repeated with a feverish rage
In my notebook I’ll tear your page
He thought only he had the right to betray
He demanded my head on a tray
Instead I killed him with a dagger
So much the better
Better than suffering for love
Forever with hate fire dancing in our faces
And making other loving hearts
Go bumpity-bump with false graces...

Ayten Suvak

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