Seyfi KaracaSeyfi ...
45, Bad walds
Yakuphan kılınçYakuph...
, Antalya m
Tugce AlkanTugce ...
24, Çanakkal
Sadık YılmazSadık...
savaş karadumansavaş...
54, samsun
Elena AdanElena Adan
34, Antalya
24, Ankara

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To Be A A A Woman

To Be A A AWoman

Teasing is the word enough
Oh please say it with a little cough

Bewitched comes from the female stuff
Engagement is with gender bluff

A man and a woman
An eternal bound without
A harmonious sound

What else do we need to discuss
On the Earth
March the eight
A whole day for gender debate
Nothing is sweeter than an ongoing parade...

Ayten Suvak

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