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I miss u...

If it was easy to forget,
I would erase you from my mind
And I could sooth the regret s voice
I could get rid of regret and annoyance
I miss you dear...

Dont allow me to feel the regret,
When it is easy to love eachother
I cant tolarete your silence,
Even when you re going forever
I hoped, you would comeback,
When sun was raising
But you didnt comeback
so again I m crying
I miss you dear...

I miss you
Like the summer in the spring
Like the winter in the automn
Like the spring in the severe winter
I miss you such the summer in the pole

I had been made a spacegoat from your love
But it didnt effect anyway
When you had been left me alone
The spear attacked to my heart in the way

I know that I lost you
But Im trying to gain
I cant feel the love without you
Dear I miss you again!!!

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