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Min daga beraber INSANA Hitaben

Min dağa bərabər İNSANA xitabən...

İnsanların hər şeyi adiləşdirdiyi, sözlərin dəyərsizləşdiyi bir zamanda mənəvi dünyası dərin insanlar üçün çox çətindir his

Nevruz tebrikleri

Her kese salamlar,

Eziz dostlar, qardaslar, qohumlar, soydaslar ve s.. Novruz Bayrami munasibetile sizleri tebrik edirem.

Radical changes in Russian Foreign Policies: was Ukraine the last drop of patience

In the post-Soviet era, the Russian Government has always tried to be tolerant in its foreign policies as much as possible and the limits of this tolerance has always been subject to Russia's national

Iran’s promises: is there a possibility to trust?

The yesterday’s Teheran meeting was a very important one.

My experiences as an ex-team member: secrets of effective teams

My experiences as an ex-team member: secrets of effective teams

I remember the days in my childhood when we were playing soccer and volleyball against the teams consisting of the members of older

Encouragement Heritage

When you feel tired and exhausted, just gather the last drops of your strength, and immediately go to one of the ancient samples of architectural structures in your home town.

Political Dictatorship vs High Tech Dictatorship

From now on, we'd have only one type of dictators: High Techs! Because this is the only type of 'dictators' that we need in modern ages. Because High Techs are the 'controlled dictators'.

Seeds Of Talent

Seeds Of Talent

Let’s sing a hymn for the heathy seed which grows in the gene...



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