, Kırşehi
23, gaziantep
56, Ankara
, Elazığ
Kış GüneşiKış ...
, istanbul
Mustafa GüçlüMustaf...
, İzmir

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Nevruz tebrikleri

Her kese salamlar,

Eziz dostlar, qardaslar, qohumlar, soydaslar ve s.. Novruz Bayrami munasibetile sizleri tebrik edirem.

Political Dictatorship vs High Tech Dictatorship

From now on, we'd have only one type of dictators: High Techs! Because this is the only type of 'dictators' that we need in modern ages. Because High Techs are the 'controlled dictators'.

Seeds Of Talent

Seeds Of Talent

Let’s sing a hymn for the heathy seed which grows in the gene...




Stiven Spilberg and armenian genocide

Armenians have already requested a world-wide known film director Mr. Stiven Spilberg to produce a new film dedicated to the issues of Armenian genocide.

To be or not to be!

Please, say "NO!" to the chaos in the world. And support current geopolitical borders by any means you may do!

Press release

Joint Statement by the Heads of Delegation of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair Countries and the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia

*- Küçük Dokunuşlar23

*- İnsanın diliyle söyleyemeyeceği sözü, yazarak söylemesinin hiçbir anlamı ve değeri yoktur.

Valentine's Day 2010

Thinking over
Hot love purchases
Endless gifts

Volumes of love stories
Add up to the lists
Lullybies of the sweetest
Enter the heart with chocolates
Nostrodamus’ love predicts
Teenagers are the aptiest
In loveshopping of the craziest
Never say never in love cruises
Easy ways to the deepest feelings
Save your life with sugar coated white lies
Darling I adore you cries

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